Frequently asked questions

Following an inquiry into the habits of companies regarding deburring, polishing, precision and rectification, we understand your reluctance to subcontract your parts finishing activities. You mention the following arguments:

“I do not want our parts out from the factory, because i lose control over the work process and the quality will suffer from it.”


By entrusting the finish or deburring your parts with Deburex, you gain in quality. Our ability to achieve any kind of deburring and polishing accuracy, our equipment, tools and instruments at the cutting edge of technology, continuous methods of improvement, and the competence of our technicians ensure a superior quality work.

“Subcontracting in deburring will increase delivery times.”


Supported by an expertise acquired during more than 40 years, by the professionalism and the expertise of its technicians as well as the advanced technologies being used we can realize any type of deburring, polishing accuracy or rectification very quickly . In addition, our planning system and email tracking allows our customers to stay in touch with the evolution of their orders.

“Outsourcing deburring and finish parts, will increase production costs.”


Deburex guarantees you the best quality / price ratio on the market. Our advanced equipments and our qualified labor contributes to reducing your production costs. Make subcontracting your deburring and parts finishing at our plant allows you to avoid purchasing and maintaining specialized equipment, while reducing expenditure on training of specialized technicians. It is also likely that the costs are lower for Deburex compared to your internal costs.

Our research and development department has updated the latest techniques for reducing the cycle production time for our customers by streamlining their activities without added value (SVA) and an increase of their added value production (PVA).

Come visit us! You will notice that you earn on all levels to be subcontracted your production by Deburex.