It is not always true that it is more profitable for a company to do the work in house. Over and above normal cost considerations, you have to look at the waste of time and resources resulting from poorly executed deburring work.

Work done in house Subcontracting to Deburex
Processing time Longer as a result of a lack of experience and a trial-and- error approach Well-thought out work plan designed for efficiency
Schedule Unpredictable due to frequent interruptions or shortage of skilled labour Team of experts on site; short and regular production lead times
Equipment Workers have to make do with the tools available The best tool for each operation
Quality Lack of consistency in terms of quality and amount of scrap material Highest possible standards and remarkable consistency
Labour Non-specialized employees who do not have access to mentors when they need help Team of specialized finishers with unrivalled experience in their field
Cost Included in sales price, but difficult to determine accurately Very competitive fixed price

In the end, however, it is when in-house work starts to have a negative impact on a company’s core activities that losses begin to escalate. When orders are piling up, do you think it is more cost-effective to have your employees busy deburring parts or manufacturing parts?
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